Banbury Cakes

An ancient recipe brought to life by Tim


Banbury Cakes – by Tim

The Banbury cake is a pastry with a wonderful and rather exotic history. It is thought to have originated in the 13th Century when crusaders from the East come to Banbury bringing dried fruit and spices.

One of the first recorded recipes for these delicious flat oval cakes was published by Gervase Markham in, ‘The English Hus-wife’ in 1615​.

Their popularity grew and by the 18th Century they were being exported all over the world.

Traditionally Banbury Cakes are sold in packs of three, a custom thought to be in reference to the Holy Trinity​

Banbury Cakes For You!

Palace Cuisine’s very own Tim Bennett, the Master Baker, bought the recipe from the last family who were still making the cakes in Banbury. He sells them to local retailers, cafes and farmers markets locally

Now, however, you can try some of your own. Tim will make them for you too. Fill out our cake enquiry form and select Banbury Cakes. We will take your details and arrange payment and delivery once we have your form..